Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saturday's dinner party went smoothly, and was quite a feast! I felt, in true Mimmie-fashion, that the potato pancakes weren't my finest effort, and the jaegerschnitzel gravy could have been better. The applesauce, on the other hand, was fabulous. (One take-away message for me: crab is among my seafood allergies.)

Sam had a good time too

Now it's crunch time for getting ready for the semester! Lots to do, and little ambition. LOL. But, I will git 'r done.  Yesterday, I created a new folder for some saved email from students. I was torn between naming it "smart mouth," "r u kidding me?" "think b4 hitting send," "primadons and -donnas," "aren't u special" and "FU." Settled on just "issues." Sigh. This is life a week before the semester begins. Should be used to it by now!

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