Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bob took some photos (for fb, of course) of last night's dinner:

 Quinoa & Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potato (toss fresh basil, spinach, sprouts, chickpeas, cooked quinoa, salt, pepper, garlic, oil & vinegar and spoon in center of cooked sweet potato)
 Eggplant Caprese (prepare eggplant [peel, slice, dip in egg & bread crumbs, bake on cookie sheet]; "butter" each eggplant round with pesto, put sliced mozzarella and sliced fresh tomato in center of each "sandwich," spill canned diced tomatoes over top, heat briefly)

I also made roasted brussels sprouts (toss with olive oil, salt, pepper & garlic and roast on cookie sheet). He took a picture of them as well, but I teased him that he must keep his day job because he doesn't have a future as a food photographer! These things were all much more appetizing IRL.

He also took a picture of Rosie and one of Sam; these came out much better than mine usually do:

 Both are so precious
They were very excited about dinner! Rosie wasn't much of a veggie eater when she first came to live with us, but her tastes have matured considerably :-).

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