Friday, January 25, 2013

Janette has posted a new painting -- isn't it gorgeous? She's really good -- and very modest. But better to be humble than conceited, I suppose. She also changed the name of her blog, which I hadn't noticed (duh).

First day of classes yesterday went well. Both toleration and the afternoon foundations class seem like good groups. I avoided Campus Center, though. Didn't feel like dealing with the throngs, need to ease back in gradually. My afternoon class is in the Lecture Centers. I haven't been down there since Spring '12, and once again was taken by surprise by changes that have taken place due to the construction work on the large fountain. Allegedly they will be finished in 2014. Here's what it looked like last April. Now the walls look almost permanent. I think they are painted with UAlbany logos etc. I'll have to take a new picture.

It continues to be SO cold...almost everywhere in the country, I guess.

A man has been arrested for abusing the pitbull puppies who were found near the railroad tracks back in September. I never thought this would happen. Good job detectives. Now if only the DA will do his job.

Sad news this morning. The mom of my sister-in-law passed away in the night. I think she was only in her late sixties. She was a really lovely person, beautiful, warm, witty. Her illness was a long one, and since Hurricane Sandy, she had been in a couple different facilities, and was only home for a few days at Christmas. RIP Jeanne.

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