Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Watched another movie, this time via roku, The Five Year Engagement. Except in rare instances, I am not a fan of romantic comedies, so I am not exactly the target audience and this is probably unfair -- but I can't hold back,  it sucked! The sole good thing, the scenes with university work colleagues were sometimes funny.

Otherwise, it was tedious, and at times, painful (for the characters, literally). To sum it up: This is what Hollywood thinks of Michigan. Jason Segal (sp? Don't care enough to google) is only 32? I couldn't decide whether he was playing someone older. (The maturity level personality-wise argues against it.) He looks like crap. I never much liked, and stopped watching the show he is on years ago (though I recall that he is the least annoying character on it) but he is such a TV actor. Then, the plot! I kept wishing the couple would break up and stay that way. Someone who makes $18.50 per hour (in San Francisco) has the money to fly to funerals in England? Finally, there were several rounds of dialogue that were so gratingly sexist / ageist / eighth grade vulgar.

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