Saturday, December 10, 2011

Working, working, working away...hoping to spare myself 12 hour days and quitting time of 2 am as the grading deadline approaches. We'll see!

Here's a respite...

"Do you see a difference in how people of different ages perform their jobs?" I asked Mimmie.

“I’ve seen both.  I’ve seen young people that worked real hard, and I’ve seen some that didn’t.  I’ve seen somebody that was about my age or a little younger that wasn’t worth two cents.  While I was working down there at the Inn.  This one, that I remember, she wasn’t a bit conscientious.  She used to make out that she was working.  Fooled some people.  I mean, she was almost my age.  Not now, then.  I’ve seen girls eighteen, nineteen worked like the place was their own.  I don’t think it has a thing to do with it.  Today they talk like, people, old people always, I mean, with the sense they have, that they always were like that.  I mean, kids did just the same as they do today. They didn’t come home when they were told, and stayed out too late, sneaked in if they could.  I know even I did.  Our door was locked - 12 o’clock by my father.  My mother always got up very quietly and let me in.  I mean, how could you get back by 12 o’clock if you went to Kingston for the movies?  If you went to a dance, they had dances right there, not too far from where we lived, it just about got started at 12 o’clock.  You’d go there at nine, there wasn’t hardly anybody there.  My mother wouldn’t want you to stay out all night, or 3 o’clock in the morning, but she didn’t care if you were just down there dancing, two miles from the house.  She trusted you enough to believe that’s where you were if you said so.  She would have never thought of locking the door, I don’t know what my father thought -- I guess he thought she gets up and lets you in, that’s what he must have thought."  She paused, her remark punctuated by laugher. "But maybe he didn’t realize that we weren’t home, I don’t know.  I mean Alice and I were together, and some other girls that lived right near us.”

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