Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bob's 2011 creation

I am in such good shape grading-wise that I took the weekend off. That wasn't exactly my plan, but that's the way it worked out. Regardless, I will be done after a full day of work tomorrow, and that will be a full day before the Tuesday deadline.

My winter session class starts tomorrow officially, but it has been ready for two weeks. Students started to login on Friday. I think finals were done on Thursday so I guess that's why they didn't access the class sooner.

Yesterday we put up our tree. We got it from the boy scouts as we always do, fresh cut. It is a tiny scotch pine. For the past few years we have been getting small trees that we can put on a table, but this year's is especially diminutive. I will post a picture eventually. The plan is to put up a tree in Samsonville on Friday, a native pine cut from the yard as usual.

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