Sunday, December 25, 2011

I have another cold! Came down with it Thursday -- spent the day in denial, and the night in misery. Any time I do a school visit, that seems to be what happens. The elementary school kids are always sick, and never kept home when they are. I must be susceptible ever since I had the dental-visit caused sinus problems over the summer. What a drag!

In spite of this (and remember I am a bad patient -- pathetic, in fact), I managed to get through the day. Up early to see Bob off (he's visiting his family, which with their move farther east is a trip I no longer make on holidays), open house at my sister's and then church. I hope I didn't give this illness to anyone -- I tried to be careful, no hugging, flashed the peace sign instead of handshaking.

Last night we put up our Samsonville tree (as you can see), wrapped gifts, and -- since the risk that they would unwrap the finished packages under the tree that were not for them was great otherwise -- gave the animals their presents. All got edible treats, plus Sam got toys, Sophie got new blankets, TB/TC got what I think must be his first toy ever and he loves it! Pictures of the festivities coming eventually. (Similar to the tree photo, they are too dark to post unedited, and I am not fixing them right now.)

My mother says the horses have hay on their knees Christmas morning because at midnight they kneel, and her favorite always has the most. I have never personally witnessed this miracle, but I have no reason to doubt her. So I didn't have to risk pneumonia and hoof it out to the barn in the cold and dark tonight to verify her story; I know that's what they are doing as I write this.

Tomorrow: Big dinner at my parents'. Then crashing!

Merry Christmas!


Elaine of Kalilily said...

Merry Christmas and hope that you are feeling better. I've been fighting a virus for 6 weeks now. And winter is barely unfolding.

howzerdo said...

Sometimes I think it would be better if it was really cold and snowy -- maybe it would kill whatever germs are floating around? Hope you feel better as well, and Merry Christmas to you too (with wishes for a healthy new year)