Friday, December 02, 2011

The Search (1998)

Tell us dear why you should make the sale
We need a candidate who will not fail
A fellow from Princeton, Harvard or maybe Yale

What’s that you’ve worked here nine years you say
But compared to the Ivy that’s barely a day
And if we miscalculate, there will be hell to pay

We certainly hope you won’t be mad
When we tender the offer to the pedigreed lad
We still like you, you know so you shouldn’t be sad

It’s so silly of you to walk over this
Just think of all the opportunities you will miss
No we don’t mean advancement, we mean asses to kiss

If that’s your decision we’ll hold open the door
Actually it will be a relief to have you here no more
Don’t expect a handshake, unpolished mongrels leave here poor

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