Monday, December 05, 2011

Right on. This is basically what my father said to me when we were at an aquarium while on vacation in Florida in '92. He commented on how boring it must be for the large fish who were swimming 'round and 'round, that it was not natural. "The Other Coast" is currently my favorite comic strip, btw. Since I don't get The Record any more, I read it every day online.

Since Tuesday, I have been fighting a cold. I had a minor symptom or two on and off, but it didn't settle in until yesterday, when I must have kicked back and allowed it in. Winter session class was almost ready, so now my defenses betray me - figuring there is time to be sick!

Tomorrow is my last day of classes, and although I have not canceled a class this semester, I really don't want to do it on the last day so I hope I feel better by then. I had a dentist appointment today which I had to reschedule. This is reminding me that I got a terrible sinus infection immediately after going to the dentist last time. I don't think it was a coincidence. Then, in September, I had a cold on my birthday. (Of course.) I have not caught every cold going around since a few years after the brown recluse spider bite. After that, my immunity was compromised, but in recent years I don't get many colds. Certainly no more than 1-2 a year anyway. I suspect my elementary school observations are the culprit. I was there Monday, and the same was true of the birthday cold. I am not sure how teachers manage.

I have been looking forward to tomorrow night's classes, because I made an experimental change in the Thursday class and it worked out great so I wanted to try it in the Tuesday classes too. I will write more about it eventually.

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