Wednesday, December 07, 2011

From Elwyn's 1941 Diary:

December 7. Clear, cold, biting northerly winds.    At dawn Japan without warning suddenly attacked with air & naval force Pearl Harbor Hawaii, & Phillipines.  Japan has attacked without provocation and declared war on the United States.  Tonight our country is at war. -Already hundreds of our soldiers have been killed.
LATER - over 2700 U S sailors & over 200 soldiers - Battleship Arizona sunk, also Utah & several other ships.

December 8. United States declared war on Japan.  President Franklin D Roosevelt signed the document at 4.10pm -  The President addressed Congress at 12.30pm  Senate voted unanimously and the House 188-1 for War. Miss Janette Rankin  of Montana cast lone dissenting vote. 

December 9. New York City had 2 air riad alarms pm. - Heard President Roosevelt’s radio message to Nation at 10pmJapan has dealt a serious blow in the far

December 11. Italy and Nazi Germany declared war on the United States. Congress and House of Representatives retaliated unanimously and President Franklin D Roosevelt signed the Declaration

December 15. Secy of War Frank Knox reported today to Nation 2700 officers & men were killed by bombs in last Sunday’s Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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