Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today would have been Rudy's 16th birthday. I didn't expect him to live to be 16, of course, although I have had one dog, Penny, who did. I still miss him and think of him often. I love all my dogs (and cats, and other pets) but Rudy was extra special, handsome on the inside and out. I was so proud that he was my dog. Happy Birthday my angel Mr. Wuj.

Today is also the 29th anniversary of Don's death. He was a close friend from college who commited suicide the day before my 21st birthday. Have I said recently that I don't like September?

Switching gears, we're off to Samsonville. Closing the pool - a task that marks the end of summer. My garden is still producing, but the plants are starting to wind down. After the past couple of two dog nights I've nervously checked in the morning to see if there had been a killing frost, and was happily surprised to see my friends all standing. I risked it, didn't want to harvest the basil, eggplant, green tomatoes and still-growing cucumbers yet. Also I still get to enjoy the more delicate flowers. So far, so good. If they make it to tomorrow it looks like they're safe for several days. Fingers crossed!

My cold is somewhat better again and I cooked until late last night. I'd recruited Bob to help earlier in the week and he came through on his promise. So we have big pans of parmesan all ready to serve on pool closing day...which coincidentally is my birthday and will usher in fifty. I think everyone is confounded that this is how I am celebrating! It isn't that I mind aging. Like Elwyn, I don't have a birthday - or week - I have a birth month! Maybe September '11 won't be so bad.

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