Sunday, September 25, 2011

For the past couple of months, I get about 10 of these spams a day. In my work account, I get several spams of this flavor per day. I can't believe that people fall for stuff like this, but then long ago I knew this guy so it's definitely true that people are gullible. Scum prey upon the desperate and the vain. So why me? :-)

Six years ago today my beloved Rudy died. It was a Sunday that year too. Something I forgot to mention two weeks ago yesterday is that September 10 was the 16th anniversary of Howie's death. Also a Sunday that year. Not that I forgot the anniversary, I just didn't record it here, in my litany of September sadness.

On the subject of the animals, Bob is taking Sophie to the "salon" to get her nails "done" this morning. That's what we call it. She won't allow us anywhere near her with nail clippers, and even barks at Bob when he gets out the clippers to cut his own (mine are long and a file is the only device needed routinely; she doesn't seem to notice). It's their private time, and afterwards he will take her out to breakfast. Sam will stay here with me. He'll freak out, which is why most of the time, I go along and take him too. We wait in the car. This is maybe the second time since Bob's surgeries that he has taken Sophie alone, not so much because of Sam but because he can't lift her into the Mariner (or before that, the truck) but yesterday he got the car serviced so he wants to use it and she can hop into that unassisted. Which reminds me, my next task, now that the computer is fixed and the telephone sorted out, is to get Ford to replace the grill on our Lincoln, which I believe is defective.

But first, I have to get caught up on work. Three days of computer tinkering have put me seriously behind!

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