Friday, September 09, 2011

Here's the tee shirt photo I promised back here. Funny to remember. We had a bar in the kitchen at that time, and the stairs were badly in need of painting. This photo must be from around ~1989-90. I really liked making silk screens, as you can see. I had seven designs. That is made more impressive when you understand that I only had two screens, so I had to scrub my design off the screen to make a new style. For two color designs (which I only did once), I had to paint both screens. Also, I did not have other equipment, so I had to do the placement of the design on the shirt "by eye."

Clockwise from top, there is the no nutrasweet design from Summer Party II; the yellow shirt was for Summer Party III (1987); then Ceilings and Walls, a shirt for a painting and wallpapering business we had; then the tie dye is Boiceville Tent Sale (1989); followed by the pink shirt, which was my copy of the Woodstock logo; in the middle is Ashokan Reservoir; and then at top under the no nutrasweet shirt was Summer Party IV (1988).

They held up really well, I remember people had the no nutrasweet design from Summer Party II for years. I still have at least one of each, and in several cases I have a bunch left. (Can you hear that? Somewhere the minimalist blogger from the TU is crying out in horror.) Still have the screens and all the other materials too. Maybe I should scrub the screens one more time and make an upstate pride shirt? Not like the tacky one described in the linked post! Something handmade, hippyish and personal. And handed out for free to my friends and family who weathered the recent storms.

After I went to work for System, I switched from being about a lot of things, to being about one thing.* I mostly stopped writing, stopped doing creative projects. I still had a garden in the summer, but nothing like now. I razor focused on analysis, databases, management. Stockings and suits. I'm glad I have gradually rediscovered my creative side in the 13 years since.

*A wake up call my sister said to me years ago. Eternally thankful.


Anonymous said...

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howzerdo said...

I wrote about the bar I used to have in my kitchen and that generated quasi-spam? How funny.