Saturday, September 03, 2011

Today the boil water advisory in Castleton was lifted. The water smells very strongly of chlorine, though, so I am still not going to drink it (not that I ever do, as we get Crystal Rock bottled water delivered).

On the way to Samsonville, there are a series of signs on Rt. 28 that advise local traffic only. Traveling on the road...a steady stream of National Guard vehicles, Central Hudson, Time Warner and Verizon trucks, and an assortment of dump trucks. Our driveway is a rock pile, and this is true even after my father worked on it for two days. The Mariner made it down no problem, but I wouldn't want to do it for many trips. We'll have to wait until the roads are fixed to get a load of gravel, though.

The happy news is that the Internet and telephone went back in service today so we are officially on the grid again! That is not true for everyone, of course, not by a long shot. My brother and sister still don't have power. (But she is still having the count your blessings BBQ.)

Earlier today I bought dog food, cat food, take out tins, Ziploc bags, cookies and a variety of canned legumes to donate to the shelter in Belleayre. Here is a link that has a spreadsheet with details about drop off points, volunteering and needs.

Had a lovely night swim! And a piece of delicious apple walnut caramel pie from Golden Harvest (where I also got peaches and apples).

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