Thursday, July 14, 2011

This book looks like it would be good: ‘Mindset Lists’ a mesmerizing look at history. I'm always mindful of making obscure cultural references when teaching. A movie I consider sort of "new" may have been popular when they were too young to be permitted to watch it. And with how splintered viewing habits are now, one cannot assume they will have watched it on television.

This isn't related: I am bad at "collection" and back in my clerical worker days, avoided jobs where it was an expectation. I now find it can be a problem with consulting. Is that just the way it is always, or is it a sign of the current financial difficulties in society? Couple this with a tendency to allow myself to be taken advantage of (something I probably have elaborated on before, but I don't feel like looking for the post and anyway the less said, the better) and I get myself into unpleasant situations. Right now I am torn between sad and pissed.

Then there is the blackboard problem. Still not resolved. Just pissed over that one.

Added: I figured it out! So now the only irritant is accounts receivable.

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