Friday, July 01, 2011

I agree with Matilda. "Cottage cheese and tomato soup might be low on calories, but it's not Italian lasagna." Yuck. Tomato soup and cottage cheese! Reminds me of my brother's childhood (non-Italian) friend. This was the days before pasta was part of common lingo. In fact, we called it macaroni. The word "noodles" meant egg noodles to us. Once my mother was making lasagne for dinner and this friend said to her: "I don't like those flat noodles with that pasty cheese." We thought that was so funny. Probably did not like the "sprinkle on" cheese either (another family joke). Meanwhile, I put grated parmesan on ice cream and cereal. Well, not really, but just about.

A comment on the blog (articles don't permit comments) said this fluff piece is an effort to humanize the governor at a difficult time in the Capital District. True. I guess the TU is always willing to step up.

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