Thursday, July 07, 2011

The hoe out the office project came to a screeching halt as soon as I got sinusitis. I believe the dental visit was the cause, but exposing myself to all the dust contributed. It's too bad, as I was on my way to completely transforming the space. As it is, I made a big improvement, more than I have done with all my "paper" etc. in years. I was thinking a minimalist, or even that woman who writes (or used to write?) the getting organized blog for the TU would probably have to be hospitalized if they visited my home office. Or at least they'd think I should be hospitalized. It's funny, because when we discuss philosophy in my classes, I use my disdain for materialism as an example of something I must tolerate in others in our society. Yet, here I am, attached to "stuff." I suppose I see a difference in being a saver v. being a consumer.

Anyway, before my teeth and sinuses decided to rebel (reading the above, I wonder if that was psychological?), I had intended to scan and post something wonderful here for Independence Day. Occasionally when doing extreme paper sorting and organization, one scores a find that's like meeting up with a long-lost friend. When I found this newspaper article again, I was delighted, in particular because the electronic version is on my lamented Iomega drive. Scanning it using OCR isn't really possible (at least as a fast job) since it is in columns. A PDF would have to be on my (Verizon-hosted) website, and that is where it will go eventually, but in the interest of speed and simplicity, I will share it here as a series of JPEGs instead. I decided to take the time today while Blackboard is not cooperating. Can't just allow paralysis to set in!

This was published in the Kingston Freeman on 20 March 1929, and was a reprint of an article about Benjamin Turner's July 4, 1876 speech at Crispell's Grove in West Shokan.

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