Saturday, July 02, 2011

The pool is still green! But it's getting there. This is the first summer in two years that Bob can actually work on it the way he wants, so that's good. It will clear up eventually. It is trickier with a Baquacil pool than it is for a chlorine pool, but it's worth it. Fun, beautiful day anyway. I didn't go in, wouldn't even if it had been crystal clear. The water needs to be really warm to entice me and that generally doesn't happen this early in the season.

Technology here is irritating, though. Our home phone connect is not working now that the leaves are on. I have to put the device out in the yard near a tree to get even minimal service. So, we have to get out of that contract and get another phone provider. Then, I had hoped to do some work on my class - cannot have 42 students in an intensive six-week long class and expect to take weekends off, even holiday weekends. But my various machines are not cooperating. I think I will have to cannibalize a couple tomorrow, take the CD Rom from one and put in in another - or maybe just say screw it. That will make next week really difficult, though. What a hassle!

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