Friday, July 15, 2011

As I was picking basil (for insalata caprese) last night, I noticed one of my tomato plants was toppled over! I have them all staked and tied up, but this branch must have been especially heavy with fruit. Oh no! So I risked burning the empanadas and plantains I was making (I know, mixed ethnicity dinner), ran inside, and grabbed my spool of string. As I was saving the branch, one of the large tomatoes fell off, but my rescue worked out fine otherwise. I took the errant tomato and with the caprese, plantains and cheese empanadas - we had fried green tomatoes! What a treat, and so easy to make. Just drench them in flour and fry! I rarely make them, because usually I don't want to pick any tomatoes before they are ripe. (Maybe this year I will reconsider that policy.) Sorry, no picture. They didn't last long enough.

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