Monday, July 31, 2006

This sympathetic front page article in yesterday's Middletown Record really irritated me. Hey, I am more compassionate than a lot of people about those less fortunate, but this pair has been collecting disability (for back injuries! Yeah, right) for 14 years (starting when they were 50!), they have four grown kids, live in a subsidized apartment, collect food stamps, and get the Cadillac of insurace, Medicaid, and they are complaining because they haven't been to the movies since 1998? Why doesn't the Record focus on some people with real problems? As my brother said, why not ask the homeless guy who is living under a sheet of plywood whether he would like to watch TV all day in their comfy apartment? If I was the betting type (which I am not), I'd wager that this couple both worked under the table for many of those years, and collected disability in addition to their unrecorded earnings. Now they probably are too ill to do it any longer and so they somehow managed to get the ear of a journalist to complain.

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