Monday, July 24, 2006

The weekend was quiet. We stayed in Castleton. The weather was rainy, and we had a vet appointment for the dogs that took about half of Saturday, so it was easier to not go to Samsonville. Friday night I washed every blanket, throw rug, linen and pet bed in the house, because I noticed a few fleas on the animals. We also gave both dogs baths, I flea combed Edna, and vacuumed the livingroom and kitchen. We never have a major flea infestation, I think because of the homemade diet, combined with beneficial nematode broadcasting in the yard. Rudy hadn't had them in years. In the Fall, Sam had fleas when we adopted him, and I eliminated them with about two months of diligent laundering, vacuuming, bathing, and combing. It is quite a task to beat them without chemicals, so I hope I am successful this time around, too, but I know I haven't won yet.

Good reports all around from the vet visit. Sophie was good about everything except inspecting her teeth, but Sam was terrified. He is such a baby, I have never seen a dog be so scared over the Friday night bath, or at the vet. He had to be muzzled for the blood test, since she had the vibe he might bite out of fear. Still, she thought he was good, smart, and nice-looking. And now we know he is healthy too, both dogs' blood test came back negative for heartworm, lyme and erlichia. That's a relief, since who knows how much negative impact Rudy's positive lyme, and treatment for that, had on him.

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