Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ha. An amusing end to a story that is personal for me. (Did I mention I emailed the congressman's office the day after my failed attept to educate the campaign workers and let him know that the petitions would include a lot of bogus signatures? No? Well, I did.)

Something interesting that is mentioned in the linked post is that Long, who is Gillibrand's attorney, is considering challenging the challenge, to see if he can get some of the thrown off signatures reinstated, because of "the part of New York’s arcane Election Law that requires signers to write the town or city in which they live, NOT the hamlet or village."

When the two men asked me to sign the petition, I noticed that the column for town next to names of my neighbors was blank. They told me not to fill it in, acting like it was to save time; they would do if for me. I wasn't really comfortable with that, but since my signature was no good anyway, I didn't argue. And remember, there were those bloodthirsty mosquitos. Now I wonder...was it because they had been instructed to fill it in since people do it incorrectly (listing village instead of town), and that gets the names invalidated, or was it because they wrote in town names from the 20th district? (I'm generally not a suspicious type, so I'll go with the former.) Too bad that wasn't the reason the names were thrown out! And too bad they didn't spend some time learning more about which towns are in the district! Oh I forgot, Kirsten's local.

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