Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogger seems to be cooperationg, at least so far, so here are the pictures I wanted to post:

Here's Sam, with Sophie on the stairs.

A better than usual one of Sam-Sam, who is so much cuter in person. (I mean, in canine.)

"The chair matches me perfectly, and don't I look lovely?"

Not bad for 14, with her pretty green eyes! But Edna isn't crazy about having her picture taken.

This doesn't change much from one year to the next - but we went with red geraniums this year with petunias and traditional vinca, rather than the fancy stuff that was a disappointment last year.

My garden, shortly after planting (it has grown a lot, I'll have to take some more shots of it).

Ever wonder what happens the next year, if you plant one of those bulbs from the supermarket Easter Lillies?

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