Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We spent vacation last week in Samsonville, and I had my first real swim of the season. This weekend it is supposed to be very hot and humid, definitely pool weather.

Here's an article from today's Times Union on the unveiling of a historical marker about Grace Brown's murder.

Last night, we were watching The Producers on DVD (it was great!) when the dogs jumped up and started barking because someone was knocking on the door. It really startled me since we don't get many unannounced visitors in Castleton. It was two men canvassing for the Independence Party. I am an Independent, so I went outside to talk to them. They were collecting signatures for Kirsten Gillibrand to appear on the ballot for Congress. So I told them that the incumbent, John Sweeney is not my representative. A few years ago, we were redistricted, and now I live in Mike McNulty's district. They insisted I was wrong, Castleton is in the 20th district, not the 21st. I was rather shocked that her campaign wouldn't know that is incorrect. I was sure I was right, so I tried to explain about redistricting and that their list must be out of date, but they were very forceful.

It has been a nightmare outside here lately because of the mosquitos (so much so that I haven't even been able to mulch my vegetable garden), The Producers was on pause, I had a glass of wine waiting, the dogs were still barking, and I didn't feel like continuing the conversation (even though they were perfectly nice), so I signed the petition. They gave me some literature, and remarked, "I guess you must not like John Sweeney." I responded, "actually that's not true. I have great respect for him over one issue - animal welfare. He sponsored an anti-slaughter bill for horses that is very important to me." They were surprised, and said that Kirsten would call me to assure me that she also supports horses. So I said, "well, I can't promise my vote (which is a major understatement since I don't live in the 20th district, although I didn't bother to add that at this point), but I am not necessarily opposed to anyone trying to get on the ballot, this is a democracy after all," and they left with the petition and a bunch of mosquito bites for their troubles.

After the DVD was finished, I checked the website of Congress, and discovered that I was, in fact, correct - I live in the 21st district. They were the uninformed ones. So they wasted their time last night, not exactly a salve for all those mosquito bites (and they were foolishly wearing shorts, a big no-no in the evening in Castleton unless you are saturated with 'Off.' [Note: I prefer long pants over chemicals.] But somehow I doubt they had any Deet handy).

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