Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yesterday I finally remembered to take along my cell phone to my afternoon class so that I could get a photo of the impact of the fountain construction on the lecture centers. This is what greets me when I leave my classroom; this is what it looks like everywhere there used to be windows. I don't have claustrophobia (thankfully), but there are now many fewer ways in and out of the LC level, so there are numerous "traffic jams." Couple that with most students' tendency to be focused more on texting than walking and it does push a few of my anxiety buttons.

Every so often there is one of these explaining the construction:

I don't see any obvious work taking place this winter, so the stated goal (Fall 2013) seems ambitious to me. The School of Business building is making progress, however. Once that's done, the old building will be renovated and that's where the School of Education (and me) will be headed.

A friend (and colleague from my former life at system) met me for lunch at the Patroon Room yesterday. We do this a couple times per semester, and since both of us are dieting during Lent, we wanted to get a splurge in. Most days I pick up some fruit or yogurt to eat in my office between classes from one of the other venues. So I'm excited about the future move to new digs, I guess, but it will make the walk to campus center much longer!

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