Monday, February 04, 2013

Yesterday after church, we went to the Blue Hill Cafe for brunch, with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. It is quite a drive over Peekamoose Mountain from West Shokan to Claryville (~25 miles), and we went a different way to get home, past Frost Valley, came out in Big Indian (~20 miles), then took old Route 28 and headed back to West Shokan (~18 miles). It's beautiful and much of it is remote (quite an understatement in both cases). It almost goes without saying that I am not a stranger to the woods and rural areas, but these roads travel through areas that are breathtaking -- almost harsh, raw, even brutal. And, there are signs of Irene's devastation, especially on the Shandaken end. I remarked, it's comforting to know that there are still not-so-distant places that are mostly untouched by suburban sprawl.

 West Shokan to Claryville
Claryville to Big Indian
  This part, Big Indian to West Shokan, near 28, is much more traveled

 Deer are hardly a rare sight, but it almost seemed as if you could reach out and pet her
Buttermilk Falls (on Peekamoose) -- way more spectacular in person

Added: here's a feel-good short film that gives me hope for places that have been touched by people.


Janette Kahil said...

It was a beautiful ride! Look at the old Picturesque Ulster and you'll see the description of this route from 1896. I've recently finished a painting of the Buttermilk Falls. Lots of water this time of year!

howzerdo said...

I got out my copy. Is it in the Olive, Denning or Shandaken section? Also what was the name of the teacher you told us about who walked and wrote in 1918?