Tuesday, February 05, 2013

1) Today is the one year anniversary of dear Sophie's death. This is going to be a month of sad anniversaries. RIP, Sophalina Wegalicious :-(.

2) A valve was compromised sometime over the weekend at the Corning Tower and the 16th thru 23rd floors flooded. Bob's office is on the 18th, so there was no power yesterday, asbestos contamination from damaged ceiling tiles, and a lot of people were displaced. It was on the north and west side of the building, the part with a view of the Capitol, and Bob's office overlooks the Cathedral, so his space wasn't impacted, but he has had to relocate staff, and of course concerns about asbestos are not fun. Human Resources is on the 22nd floor, right under the conference room where the leak originated, and many personnel files were damaged. We couldn't help but speculate, could it have been caused by a disgruntled employee? Is that paranoid? Or our affection for Murder, She Wrote reruns?

3) Faith formation class last night was a challenge! Two of our best behaved students were absent, which really empowered two of the worst behaved to act up...we read two sections of the Action Bible (Jesus' temptation in the desert and the wedding miracle), looked at the art print Holy Apostles (by Manolis Grigoreas, 1998), made cards to give to a family member or friend and another for local nursing home residents, and then turned water into "wine" for snack (really bottled water and flavored drops). One girl made a card for her brother's birthday, and a boy made a sympathy card for a friend whose mother recently died. But imagine our surprise when another girl chose us as the recipient for the card she made for a family member or friend!

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