Friday, February 01, 2013

A difficult week, although not especially in terms of teaching. My classes seem to be very good. Toleration might have more heated debates than usual, although maybe that will not be true eventually. Tuesday evening Foundations is small and high quality, almost makes up for the classroom being in the next town (not really, but the earth science building when it's ten degrees sure seems like it). That it is dark and the nearby area mostly unlit (with the excuse of the green initiative, I suppose) doesn't help matters.

I have students develop questions to ask class, and we start discussions with those. It works well. In all three on campus classes, the questions stimulated so much dialogue that we only got to address two (of four, five, or six, respectively) questions!

Feedback from the online class (also more than usual) included that static in the audios is a barrier. So, I got a new mike. I also got editing software, but I don't think I will need it very often, since the new microphone works well.

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