Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quite a storm! Will have to check Elwyn's diary for this date to see if he recorded anything remotely like this. (I know the television weather speaks of records, but it is really something to read someone's words from the time.) The maple trees in the yard have barely turned color yet. They are always the last to drop leaves. The branches are snow-covered and looking very droopy at the moment. Hang in there, my friends!

I have some other things besides Elwyn's diary to post here, pictures I got for my birthday. Just haven't had the time for scanning, but I will. Eventually. I've been very on task, worked on my research all day. That was what I had on the To Do list for the weekend. I figured we might lose power, so I didn't want to procrastinate until tomorrow. I hope any outage we do have doesn't go into the week - I am hoping to get the midterms graded. But, if it does, not a biggie (except for students, who are eagerly waiting). I'm almost caught up so I am not really in a panic. Also we have an adapter that plugs into the car as an energy source, so we will be able to charge cell phones and maybe even plug in the laptop and modem now and then. So I still might be able to get some work done regardless.

Bob has been cooking! Yay! Smells delicious.

Who would have thought we'd be shoveling again so soon? (I think he will be helping this year.)

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