Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am up to my eyeballs at the moment which translates to little posting here. Silly me, yesterday I committed to yet another project!

On Wednesday, we made a round trip to Long Island to visit my MIL in the hospital. She came through surgery OK. Bob has some concerns and so do I, but once again, it isn't my story and so I am not going to write many details. We took the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry, which is how we have been getting there since the "ILs" moved "out east." It was a very rough day on the sound, but turbulent water is better than driving all the way around NYC to get there.

I used my oldest brother's gift for my birthday to buy the other thing on my amazon wish list (the first being a Kindle): a Roku player. I think my mother was amused. She had advised me to get something I would look back on someday (everyone except me asserts that I will live to be 100) and say, "my brother gave me this for my 50th birthday." I know in her mind she pictured jewelry. Maybe because I gave my brother's granddaughter an heirloom bracelet for her 8th birthday recently, I had received it for being flower girl in his wedding when I was a kid. Or maybe because that's what she would buy.

She told my brother her idea, and he said, "yeah, don't spend it at the supermarket or something" which I guess must be my M.O. So I didn't - I got something frivolous. But not jewelry! And not something that will last a decade, much less 50 years. A piece of technology! Also my M.O. I hooked it up yesterday and it is AWESOME. Highly recommended. Why would anyone pay $250 per month for cable television?

A guy came today and fixed a gutter that had been ripped down during a storm. Took him less than a half hour! Amazing. I was glad it was so fast, as the dogs barked their heads off the whole time.

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