Friday, October 28, 2011

The storm reports have become quite serious, so it looks like no Samsonville this weekend. Not really because of the roads, but because of the risk of losing power - which happens there routinely. The air feels like snow (as it did yesterday too). I told the students in one of my classes that and they looked at me like I was crazy. Do people not have a connection to the natural environment, an ability to detect the feel of an impending storm? Or did it just seem too early in the season?

I broke down and bought myself a brace for chronic sprained ankle that will fit in my SAS shoes, work with my orthotics and not be too bulky. There is no way it will stay good otherwise. With my other foot problems, turning my ankle and falling is inevitable. I should have done it one or two spills ago! Hopefully it will arrive in a few days. Until then, moving very carefully.

Last night we played Scruples in my evening class, as part of the moral education material. As usual, after initial reservations, once they got going, they loved it. Every semester a few tell me they want to buy the game and try it with their friends. My original from ~1990 is long gone, but I bought one on ebay because it didn't seem to be made any longer. Now I see it has been resurrected by a different manufacturer, tweaked (sort of like Quintessence LOL) and is called Scruples Millennium. (Sort of implies Y2K, but I am not sure if it is newer or came out then.) Retails for anywhere from $50-$70 if you can find a copy in stock. I doubt any student would be willing to fork over that much! The old versions seem to be widely available on ebay, though, for $15.

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