Thursday, October 27, 2011


On Tuesday, I was feeling "blue." That's my preferred word choice, because "depressed" is too clinical and it implies something serious. I lost my bifocals, lost my sunglasses, dropped an earring and had no time to look for it. I rushed out without a coat, had to take the bus, and was freezing.

I knew as I was turning over my dismal attitude in my mind that the real reason I felt down was because I am over committed. That led to the usual beating up of the "I'm such a jerk because..." variety.

On the walk to my office, I found the nearest place to walk inside (since it was drizzling and I was cold), and it struck me that just a year ago, I couldn't have done it. I would have had to use a cane, and even at that, the floor would have been too slippery, and I would have been in a panic that I might fall. I would have had to walk outside, very slowly and carefully. While freezing and feeling sorry for myself. My ankle is so much better!

I arrived at my office, and there they were in my chair -- both my bifocals and my sunglasses! It suddenly turned into a good day.

By the end of yesterday, I was starting to see daylight on the workload. Another good day.

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