Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wow. What kind of a crappy district would it have to be to hire this dude? It doesn't reflect on his character? HELLO! This is one reason why the teaching of ethics is such a challenge. People shrug their shoulders at truly heinous behavior. No biggie. I don't have a "dog in this hunt" but I have seen him interviewed on the TV news and my impression is that he is a weasel. (Except that is an insult to weasels.) OK, so he is an unethical jerk. All he does in the interviews is take no responsibility and blame others for his own incompetence.

The Raucci disgrace isn't the only issue. The recent trampling of a student's rights when the middle school principal suspended the kid for refusing to wear rosary beads under his shirt is another. (Of course the TU has done its best to give that situation limited coverage, what a surprise.) Anyway, what a no brainer. If anyone involved had a shred of competence or integrity they would know they will lose in court. Instead they flush more money down the toilet and make the district a laughing stock. You can't trample on a student's rights to free exercise, regardless of whether some gang or other has adopted a religious symbol as an identifier (and it is very clear this kid was not in a gang anyway). It isn't the same thing as wearing a tee shirt that says "F You" or something. Incredible overreach by the school administration, and you don't have to be a legal scholar to know that.

So good riddance. Sadly, the board enabled the bad behavior and should be turned over by voters, but since apathy is pretty strong they are probably secure. This is like a case study, makes a great example of board and administrator folly for my foundations class - so thanks for that at least.

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