Thursday, July 22, 2010

A 'ding dong ditch' clickfest -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

I sometimes read the father's blog at the Times Union, and read the old Albany Eye years ago. I posted the following comment at the linked blog, but I decided to repost it here.

"We feel he’s being disciplined in an appropriate manner,” Madeo said. What did he do, wipe his son’s tears away, hand him a new ipod and say don’t worry, we’ll get even with that creep who dared to try to hold you accountable? Big surprise, Rob Madeo has no moral compass. His offensive July 20 blog post “The Glenmont Cat Wranger Rides Again” is his idea of funny. The July 19 post “How To Get Fired from TV News Without Really Trying” completely skips the irony – he practically got fired, and had to shut down the Albany Eye blog for stealing the scoop from his employer. His idea of funny at that time was making nasty comments anonymously about the appearance of women who were on air at competing networks, or tossing flip comments about horsemeat as a delicacy. No doubt he is raising a menace. What a loser.

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