Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is a great idea! A campaign I can really get behind. Go get a sign at MHRHS!

Another positive thing to do: Vote for Pastor Charlie.

What with Ande's death, I have been remiss about posting some things so here goes...

I saw "Curtains," which was put on by Spotlight Players last night. Good show. Another thing I can get behind, community theatre!

I also saw "Chicago" at Mac Haydn theatre recently - wow. I've seen it many times before, and it has been great every time (the movie is also good), but it really stood out as theatre in the round, with few sets.

Then, recently I finished Atwood's "Year of the Flood." As always, great book by a master contemporary writer. Scary too. "Oryx and Crake," sort of its "pre-quel" was better, though.

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