Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fourth of July in West Shokan. This flag has 48 stars! It was given to the family of a soldier who was killed in the Bataan Death March. First time it was unfolded was on Sunday.

First weekend in Samsonville since Easter. My brothers and father had opened the pool a few days before, and it was still green-ish, but we decided it didn't matter, and swam anyway. Wonderful! I already have gotten more use out of it than all last summer. It should be all clear by the time we go down there next time.

We traded in our Dodge Ram truck for a Mercury Mariner (same as Ford Escape). It's something we have been considering for a couple of years (sparked by gas prices) but I know it was hard for Bob to give up having a pick-up truck. Still, he can't use one any more, and although I am stronger now, I don't need a truck, although we do need 4WD. The truck was just sitting there in front of the house, he was only driving the car. So we knew after his recovery, we had to make a change.

We got a grate to divide the back for the animals (with the seats down) so that he doesn't have to worry about being stepped on by an excited dog. We were both concerned that they would hate being separated from us, but we put their beds in the back and they love it! What a pleasure. The Mariner is working out great overall, it has running boards which help with my lifting Sophie, and it will be better for hauling bags of dirt etc. for the garden than the car is.

When we got back Monday evening, I tested out my strength, and installed the air conditioner in the kitchen. I've wanted to use that one even when it wasn't 95 degrees, because otherwise using the oven or dryer is impossible. I did it!

Yesterday, we broke down and had our nephew come over and install the (much heavier) ones in the livingroom and bedroom. We didn't need them at all last year, and were hoping to tough it out this summer, too. There is something to be said for getting used to the heat. But this level is just too extreme. The animals were suffering!

And using the office was out of the question, which is a problem when I am in the middle of my summer online class. I do have a laptop, and yesterday I spent the whole day in the kitchen - but there are some tasks that are so much easier on the desktop.

Aside from one basil plant biting the dust (and the damage to the coleus and parsley from a critter), the garden and flowers are doing great!! I was a little worried about not being able to water on Sunday, but the deep watering I did before we left on Saturday lasted until yesterday.

Been struggling with various animal illnesses - but they all seem to be on the path to wellness at this point.

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