Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RIP "Little."

Here is a post I wasn't expecting to write today. Our sweet little cat Ande died this morning. I am kind of in shock, although since Saturday I feared that this might be the outcome. We don't know exactly what happened, but he had an immune disorder. We knew from his first vet visit as a kitten. It wasn't FIV or FeLV (he tested negative on two separate occasions). He never grew very much, was very docile (not at all like a very young male cat activity wise) and was not a good eater. He didn't have any bouts of illness before this, but he was sort of sick for the past couple of weeks. He got over the kitty cold part just fine with antibiotics, and we thought he would be OK, but his appetite never recovered. He lost weight and was lethargic and declined very quickly over the past few days. Didn't respond to various treatments (steroids, blood transfusion, hydration, syringe feeding) when he should have. I knew he would never be a long lived cat like Edna was, but I didn't expect him to live for only three years! But I know if I didn't take him home he would not have lived even three years. People who have feral cat colonies are criminals!

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