Thursday, April 10, 2003

Caught up on work-work, and so I'm indulging myself a bit. It's fun to take a peek at what search terms people use to arrive at this site. Variants of "gully" are common, as are "boycott Target;" another that comes up frequently is "Marilyn Monroe" (I've only mentioned her once, now twice), then, of course there's "Trafficmaster vinyl tiles," and my favorite, "gym teacher" paired with "squat thrusts" or "humiliation."

A sampling of others: "wringer washer women" (:-)) "recipe for raspberry viniagrette" (I guess I write about meetings more than I realize, next should be "pasty chicken ala Marriot"), "groundhog cartoon images" (another :-)), "larks and owls" (what else?), "Gina Giuliano age" (really MYOB, and kind of scary too, but it's no secret, 41 until September), "research on the image of vocational education" (interesting, though not really my area of expertise), "I want to do my own taping and spackling" (believe me, so do I, but you've come to the wrong place for advice), "Rudy Giuliano" (yes, this is the right place, but somehow I think data on the most wonderful tri-color hound/collie is not what they were seeking), "Georgette Heyer works online" (great idea), "movie star images protesting Iraqi War" (I promise I have never written a word on that subject, but I will now, and just one: yuck), "table enamel topped" (I believe I have the nicest one ever made, gracing my newly remodeled and almost finished '40s kitchen), and the favorite from this group, "example description paper on being a slob" (I really really hope the intent was not plagiarism).

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