Friday, April 18, 2003

I just finished evaluating essays, and I'm more than a little concerned. About 1/3 of my online class is not doing very well this semester. This is a first, I have never had a group like this, and it is making me remember the unpleasantness last year, with all those students plagiarizing. My fear is that the procrastinating and other forms of poor performance that I am witnessing will translate to desperate and stupid actions on their parts. Looks like I am going to have to lock myself in this room after the semester is over and go through the papers with a fine tooth comb.

This is one problem with online classes, there is no opportunity to be stern in person, where you have a half chance that maybe they are paying attention and will act accordingly. (That's assuming they are attending at all, which is a difficulty in the face-to-face world.) Oh, I can write up a rant and post it - unfortunately all the good students, and some who are struggling but making an effort read it and panic. Oh no!!! She must mean me!? Am I going to fail? The slackers don't bother to read anything, they just skip the message. If they do read it they do not see themselves, or care I guess, but they still email me excuses at the end of the semester.

I've heard this is what happens - at least generally speaking, sometimes you land a good class, sometimes a not so good one. Makes sense, it goes along with the work culture group theories of sociology. People will not significantly over or under perform peers.

I've been (mostly) lucky. Time for weekend.

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