Monday, April 28, 2003

Sometimes I have a hard time posting on weekends. Too busy with other things, especially when the weather is nice.

Thursday night we went to the movies. We saw Anger Management. The reviews have been all over the place in newspapers across the country, from outstanding to a bomb, according to the little chart in the Times Union. I admit to being an Adam Sandler fan. Both Bob and I were not crazy about him when he was on Saturday Night Live but now we adore his movies. It's a guilty pleasure, because although I do like comedy I am not much of a fan of most of the comedy movies from former SNL cast members. Anyway, we both really liked the movie!

Poor Rudy has urinary tract infection. I noticed two drops of blood in the kitchen on Friday. After inspecting all three animals I figured out that is wasn't a cut and it was coming from Rudy. The vet didn't seem too worried because he has no other symptoms. You'd never know he was sick if he wasn't dripping on occasion. He isn't straining and he is eating and drinking. He is seven years old but he is almost as energetic as a puppy. So he is taking antibiotic. I also bought him some dried cranberries, which he loves.

On Saturday we went to NYC for Bob's brother's 40th birthday. He said he was surprised, and maybe he was. I'm never sure. Bob's parents came back from Florida early to attend. It was a nice time, we did a round trip on Amtrak, which was a pleasure. On the way to the restaurant we stopped at the Guggenheim museum. We wanted to see the Impressionist paintings in the permanent collection and they have several Picassos, etc. That part alone was worth the price of admission ($15) and the wait on line. The bulk of the museum was devoted to one very complicated, huge exhibit by Matthew Barney. It was detailed and must have taken a lot of effort to make everything, using so many different materials, performance included. It was a combination of photography, film, and large objects. Many violent and disturbing images that seemed unrelated. That's not what the brochure and labels said but I was more confused after reading them. I can't say I didn't appreciate the works, but I just don't share the artist's bleak view. Maybe the whole thing was supposed to be life-affirming and not dark but overall that isn't how it grabbed me.

Yesterday we had a barbecue - the first of the season. I sat outside for a little while today, mostly to watch Rudy's behavior, but it gave me the powerful urge to grill food again!

I have agreed to some more contract work, this time writing reading comprehension questions for the ACT.

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