Tuesday, April 08, 2003

It snowed. Again.

Tuesday Too

1.) When was the last time someone surprised you? What did they do?

Two things come to mind, one was Christmas 2002, one was Valentines Day 2002. Both involve gifts purchased on ebay related to Mark Twain. At Christmas, my mother gave me an old Harper's Weekly, it was the issue commemorating Mark Twain's 70th birthday. Valentines Day, Bob gave me a first edition set of Mark Twain's autobiography. Both gifts were unexpected, I would never have guessed what was inside the package!

2.) Alright then, it's similar to a googlewhack, but different. You must come up with two words, spelled correctly and within quotes that google will produce only 1 result for, and that result must be your site. Unless you're already a rather unusual wordsmith it might take you a couple of days for goolge to find a combination you invent and find no result for currently.

Well, I don't know if proper nouns count, but "Myrtle McSpirit" works for me.

3.) Give a link to the funniest site you've come across lately; it may or may not be a weblog.

The funniest thing I've come across lately was a Dilbert cartoon in Sunday's paper, but here in electronic land, how about A Minute Longer - A Soldier's Tale; this guy writes well, managing to be irreverent and funny about something deadly serious.

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