Monday, March 10, 2003

One week into my goal of posting every day and I missed a day. Well, that will happen. I was thinking of writing, and so I have some pent up ideas.

The kitchen is getting there. The tiles are coming out great, and actually are kind of fun to install. Bob finished the wallpaper and border on the wall near the stove so we can cook. Still, there is complete chaos in the room. We are doing half the room at a time, which is the only way home improvement projects can be managed in a house this small.

We had to call it a day on the early side yesterday, since we had tickets to see Mary Black. What a voice! I agree with the reviewer, except I don't have even a tiny criticism. It was a relaxing way to end the weekend, and it was good to be forced to stop working for a while.

We saw the concert at the Egg. Bob is a member and we had front row seats! The centerpiece of Albany's skyline is Governor Nelson E. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza, and the Egg is one of GNARESP's (what an acronym) many interesting features. It's hard to go to the Egg, even when captivated by Irish folk and contemporary music, and not have a thought of Rockefeller. His vision, his wealth, his power, his lasting impact on New York. The circumventing of the State constitution. The multi-campus State university. The construction of Empire Plaza was controversial during his time. The tragic displacement, the huge expense. When I walk around the plaza I feel as if I have transported to some utopian novel.

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