Monday, March 31, 2003

I skipped posting this weekend. We spent the weekend in Samsonville, and I didn't use the computer that much. On Saturday, I did my museum volunteering, and for a change we had quite a few visitors, including several fifth to eighth grade girl scouts who were camping in the library. I tried to read student papers while keeping an eye on the collection. That night, we visited my brother and used his outdoor hot tub (something I never thought I'd like until I tried it). On Sunday, we planned out a deck project for the back door with my father, and then we celebrated my sister's April 1 and brother's April 2 birthdays at my parents' house. As usual, Ma cooked up a storm! In between all this I did manage to fit in getting down some of the floor tiles in the kitchen. The pattern is Morocco Slate. It snowed a bit yesterday, and there is a real nip in the air today. March is definitely not going out like a lamb!

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