Thursday, March 27, 2003

I believe spring is really here! Much of the snow has melted and it's fairly warm (too bad the yard is disgusting). I have to order seeds!

Here's an interesting piece (and it is another freebie) from the Chronicle of Higher Education about teaching philosophy. Much of it is common sense, but there were some good tips. I think I am going to make a list of classes I loved and try to remember one activity each that might be adapted to my own teaching. This may have to wait until summer, but it is worth some thought. Also on the summer list, I picked up some useful ideas at the asynchronous learning workshop that I want to incorporate in my online class. It was very well-attended and I think it could have easily lasted all day instead of for just one hour. It's exciting to hear what others are doing, and also to field questions from those interested in giving it a try. There will be another session on April 8 (and that one has the extra perk of including a free lunch).

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