Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Tuesday Too

1.) Is the justice system in the US really fair? Why, or why not?

I think overall it is fair, certainly more fair than in a lot of places, but I also believe fairness is relative, and the system can be manipulated at all levels. People with resources - money for the sharpest and sleaziest lawyers, and access to media - tend to get a better deal. And, what is fair is perceived differently by winners v. losers, victims v. perpetrators, those who agree with a decision v. those who do not.

2.) In a crisis are you a leader, or a follower? Why do you take that role?

I'm a leader. Always have been. It just happens automatically. When I consider hypothetical situations, I think I will panic, but the few times I have been tested, for some reason my head stays clear.

3.) Is there some reason for your madness?

Who needs a reason?

Computer scare last night - here I am, tired from the weekend, planning to get some early rest for a change, and suddenly - when dialed in, AOL kicks me off and makes me call in to fix the problem. Turns out it was a Terms of Service violation. In a space of a couple of minutes, eight emails were sent to 120 people using Bob's screen name! "What time was that?" I demanded. "10:24 p.m." said AOL-phone support man. "But that can't be!" I protested, "I was online and he was asleep in the recliner." So, they fixed the problem with the account, gave me a lecture about being safe online, and sent a whole batch of emails instructing about what may have caused the problem.

I downloaded the suggested virus checker on both machines, and it caused the old machine to hang at the Windows 98 screen. The clock was ticking on getting early rest - early for me being any time before 11:15 p.m.-ish, but I managed to locate the various manuals and CDs that came with the machine (this is a miracle) and get old faithful going again. During this time I had awakened Bob, and before he grumbled off to bed, I told him that his days of opening Spam were over. I can't say he clicks on the links or downloads suspect files, but he generally does open it, all 700 items he receives per week. We checked his account, and saw the eight violation messages in his sent mailbox. Half were mortgage schemes, half were about increasing size... "Now people will think I am sending Spam!" he said, which convinced him better than I ever could to mend his ways and hit "report and delete" rather than "read."

While working on the problem, I got the cable Internet going, too. Maybe I'll get that extra sleep tonight instead?

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