Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Tuesday Too

1.) Where do you stand on the eve of war, and why?

Here's where I stand: I believe this is a complicated topic, and my feelings cannot be characterized as "for" or "against." I don't feel compelled to choose a team and feel all righteous and judgmental or something. I do have thoughts on the subject - it is impossible not to - but I prefer to keep them to myself. I think war is always a bad thing, but at the same time I think removing Saddam is a good thing. I am tired of being bombarded with this subject in the media and here in ejournals (when I see it is the subject, I hit "back" as fast as I can). If I get an email related to this, I hit delete. In fact, I almost skipped the meme today. I rarely read blogsisters any more because it has evolved to continuous, homogenous, narrow-minded views on the subject, and practically nothing else.

I believe "this too shall pass." Mostly I am an optimistic person, believe very much in having a positive outlook, and see the cup as half-full. I prefer to focus on what some call the "little" picture: my family, my routine, my plans for Spring gardening, how to lead a simple life and help people I deal with on a daily basis, which I believe is really the true big, ultimately more profound and important picture.

2.) Has your position caused arguments with friends or family?

No, because I don't believe in wasting precious time, or risking hurt feelings, arguing about politics, religion, etc. Life is too short to sour relationships.

3.) Is there some other issue that has you grinding your teeth? What is it?

Not grinding my teeth exactly, but three things come to mind: animal abuse, loss of historic buildings, and cheating among students, in that order.

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