Sunday, June 22, 2014

The weather has been so beautiful! I planted a bunch more things this weekend. I thought I was finished, but I bought a few things in every garden or farm stand I visited. I'm not much of a shopper, but Harry and Rosie have escaped the fence (twice!) so that means the procrastination has to end, and we need to face up to the project. We've tried hiring someone to no avail. The job is just to small...and difficult.

But we can't risk the Beagles, so we bought all the materials this weekend (and unloaded the truck, carried 153 pickets, 30 2X4s, and 7 posts (10' long) down the hill, and stacked them.

Anyway...this means I was in a few stores. I can't resist the plants! So I planted more flowers (zinnias and begonias) and tomorrow I will plant more spices, and move around some of the other plants. Pictures will come eventually.

Got my strawberries :-). Five quarts. That will do for now.

My 6W2 summer session class starts tomorrow. Only 8 students!

Tired tonight, in a good way. I am so much more often mentally tired, than I am physically tired, that it's a novelty.

Another novelty will be barbecuing at home tomorrow! Haven't eaten dinner at home since Wednesday: Thursday, Friday (and saw live music afterwards), Saturday, Sunday.

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