Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another week goes by without a post! I really didn't expect that to happen this summer, but I've had many other thing distracting me. Last week I had internet problems galore (fixed now but set me back with my classes), and this week I have been taking advantage of the dry weather (also very hot) to do yard and gardening work. We went to Samsonville over the weekend, and when we got home on Sunday, both dogs got out of the fence! Oh no. This is how you lose your Beagles! They "bit the apple" and discovered the wonders in the ravine between our house and the cemetery. We did manage to get both of them back within an hour, and last night we did yet another cobbed repair on the pitiful fence. So this weekend's job will be putting in a brand new one, something we've needed for years. Contractors balk at the job (because it is small) and so it looks like it is do-it-yourselfer time. Can't risk losing Prince Harry and Rosey Posey!

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