Friday, June 20, 2014

Two unrelated subjects...

1) We watched "Her" (on amazon). If it hadn't cost $4, I would have bailed when it was half over. I was really, really glad we did not waste the price of a pair of Spectrum tickets when it was in theatres! It was too long, the last 2/3 was tiresome, and while it was interesting at first and the premise was clever, it too quickly jumped into a serious relationship between the guy and the OS with little or no warm up or background. After 15 minutes the OS devolved into a whining nag. "Annoying" doesn't begin to capture it. By the middle of the movie I wanted to delete all traces of the program, and then get a sledgehammer and smash whatever devices were hosting it, just for good measure. Why didn't he just turn the d-mn thing off?

We also watched several 1930s movies, all much better than the above atrocity...this is true even of the ones that were not great. We saw "Baby Face" which was excellent, "Stella Dallas" which was sad but OK, and "Grand Hotel" which was pretty good.

2) I planted my garden! It's pretty late, but it hasn't been that warm until recently. I've had all the containers: flowers, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, kale, spices done for a few weeks, but this morning I sowed two types of pole beans, two types of cucumbers and one hill of zucchini. I used 800 pounds of cow manure on the patch this year, beneficial nematodes to combat potential cucumber beetles and squash bugs, and inoculant to help the beans with nitrogen. I never have luck with zucchini but I'm hoping this year will be the charm.

Strawberry time, and I want to go picking!!

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