Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today I got a loud reminder that I have a pair of hunting dogs. It's not that I am unaware of this in general, but rarely do they get a real opportunity to "get" something more than a plush toy. Well, today they did. Both participated in the flushing out, but it was Harry's kill. I couldn't identify the animal, but I think it was probably a groundhog. Afterwards he alternated between picking it up, carrying it around and sometimes puting it down so he could walk around to sniff elsewhere. Rosie kept a safe distance, but approached when he was less attentive. He always saw her threatening his prize, though, and would dash back and growl. This is the only time I've ever seen her not be the alpha.

One thing I discovered is that he eventually responded to "leave it!" He then sat and looked expectantly at me, as if I would collect it. No way! Luckily Bob got home a short time later. It's awful, but Beagles will be Beagles. I haven't had many dogs who killed things. More cats who would, but not Teddy. These  two dogs are driven, though and as a pair they may be unstoppable. Poor critters. Stay out of the yard or else.

They were both so proud and happy last night. And I think they were expecting praise and perhaps that I would cook us all a rodent dinner!

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